Streamline solar is your all-in-one residential solar service provider for the metro phoenix and Tucson, Arizona areas. We can help you design, finance and install a quality solar electric system that will exceed your needs and expectations. Our commitment to quality manufactured products and customer service will ensure the reliability of your investment in solar power.

We offer both solar leasing and financing of solar systems. When available and based upon homeowner’s credit, we can also offer $0 down! We provide a FREE solar consultation in Phoenix or Tucson areas to determine which systems, rebates and offers will be best for your home.

With so much sun in Arizona, how can you not think of solar?

Streamline Solar offers a free solar consultation so everyone should take advantage of it!

A free solar consult starts by analyzing your recent utility bills to determine how much electricity you consume annually. Then we then factor in specific issues that are unique to your home such as available roof area, orientation (azimuth angle) and shading from trees or other buildings. After that we are able to show you the investment required to produce as much as 100%, or even as little as 10%, of our electrical power needs.

From here it ultimately comes down to you and what you’re looking to install solar for. Below are common reasons why customers consider solar:

  • Save money on their utility bills
  • Tax credits and rebates
  • Use more AC in the hot summers for comfort and not have to break the bank
  • Have a sustainable energy future by using solar power
  • Lessen your energy consumption and environmental footprint

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