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Promotional Period: The Customer Referral Promotion shall run from December 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024 (the “Promotional Period”).

Eligibility Requirements: Open to anyone (the “Participant”) who submits a potential customer’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number (the “Customer”) directly to Streamline Solar via its website within the Promotional Period and before the Customer has received a proposal from Streamline Solar. To be eligible to receive the Referral Reward, the Customer must sign a Streamline Solar contract with a minimum value of $10,000 for Solar, Home Battery, and/or Roofing by December 31, 2024. By referring a Customer to Streamline Solar, the Participant agrees to the terms of the Customer Referral Promotion which constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between Streamline Solar and Participant, and supersede all other agreements, whether written or oral. The Customer Referral Promotion may not be combined with any other referral promotions offered by Streamline Solar.

Referral Reward: Participant shall receive under Customer Referral Promotion a $250.00 digital gift card (“Referral Reward”). All Referral Rewards shall be sent after the Customer’s installation is complete. Only one Referral Reward may be paid per Customer installation. Referral is paid 2-4 weeks after customer installation.

Streamline Solar reserves the right to make changes to, or cancel, the Customer Referral Promotion at any time.