Electric Vehicle Charging

Drive on sunshine and save money with an electric vehicle and home charger.
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EV Charger Installation

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and convenient home charging solution, look no further than Streamline Solar. We offer multiple brands of charging equipment that can:

  1. Recoup your daily driving range in just a few hours
  2. Fully charge your battery overnight to avoid time-of-use rates, and has you ready to go by morning
  3. Usually avoid major upgrades to your home electrical service

Now for some perspective: a charger that delivers 20-30 miles of range per hour charged is ideal (6.6-10 kW power delivery) for US drivers who cover about 37 miles per day on average. Average daily miles are recharged within 2 hours and even a close-to-empty 100 kWh battery can be charged fully overnight. It’s clear, having solar + home charging = maximum energy savings.

Electric vehicles are here to stay

Electric vehicles (EVs) have officially made their mark as a mainstream revolution. Conventional cars have long been propelled by internal combustion engines burning finite fossil fuels, a concept pioneered a century ago. But today the car industry is accelerating toward all-electric vehicles and the savings and convenience that come with them.

If you’ve joined the EV revolution, Streamline Solar is here to equip you with the exact charger you need to fit your vehicle or an outlet that’s ready to accept any EV charger (purchased separately).

EV Charger FAQs

Streamline Solar can connect you with the correct charger for your electric vehicle. If you have an existing home EV charger, we can install a dedicated 240v outlet for maximum power and faster charging.

Our professionals will perform a load calculation to confirm that you’ll be up to NEC code with your dedicated Electric Vehicle circuit and help you decide which options best meet your needs. We’ll also handle permitting to ensure compliance and safety.

Try this on for size: never worrying about gas prices again, charging your tank while you sleep and skipping out on oil changes. Sounds nice, right? Home EV charger incentives also include a 30% federal tax credit (up to $1,000 for residential installations). Learn more about this credit from the U.S Department of Energy.

Electric vehicles emit no harmful gases to our atmosphere, and now have the same range as a full tank of gas. All major automotive companies are investing in electric cars, and many have committed to entirely electric fleets soon. The constantly fluctuating oil market is reason enough to quit the gasoline game and join the “fill up” at home crew.

Have a solar energy system? Even better. The benefits are doubly exciting when you charge your electric vehicle with solar energy: you reduce your carbon footprint almost entirely by powering it with clean energy (vs. fossil-fueled grid power) and you save on that energy.