Home Battery Energy Storage

A home battery paired with solar panels saves money, protects against blackouts and lets you control your energy.
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Home Batteries Make Energy Independence a Reality

Adding a home battery gives you more control over your energy, and reduces your energy costs.

Why do I need a home battery?

  • Avoid unfair time-of-use billing rates charged by utilities.
  • Extend the energy capability of your solar panels by storing free solar energy during the day, and using it at night to avoid the highest electric rates
  • Get backup power for your most important appliances during blackouts.
  • Reduce dependence on the grid and minimize the effect of future rate increases.

How home batteries work

Learn how home batteries work and how they could benefit you.

Home battery options

See our battery products and let us guide you to the best option for your needs.

More Questions? Here are Frequently Researched Topics:

Solar power can only be generated when the sun shines. Any excess power generated is sold back to the utility for credits you can use at night. But here’s the catch: under TOU (Time-of-Use) billing structures, the rate they pay you for daytime-generated electricity is less than the rate charged for electricity at night. Since most people use most of their electricity at night, daytime generation likely will not cover your nightly use, and you will still need to pay the utility company for power.

Home batteries help solve this problem. They store electricity generated by your solar panels in the daytime for use in the evening. This means you can run your house on solar-produced energy both day and night plus whatever energy you don’t consume gets sent to the utility for additional savings. You will always remain connected to the grid in case you need a little extra juice: if your batteries run out of electricity, your system will automatically tap into the grid for power.

The ability to bank your own energy unlocks the true power of a battery: Lower energy bills. Since energy is more expensive to purchase when you need it most, having a battery allows you to use your own cheaply-produced energy and avoid purchasing energy during peak times.

As an additional benefit, with a home battery you can control the time of day you export excess power back to the grid, meaning you can export it during peak hours for higher rate credits. Your battery will also shield you from future increases in energy rates during peak hours.

Grid outages and rolling blackouts have affected millions of Arizonans. Home batteries give you backup power, helping keep your family safe and comfortable. During a prolonged outage, your battery will recharge from your solar system during the day which will keep your home backed up for longer. Furthermore, you have options. Different batteries are optimized for unique backup solutions. Read more about the differences here.

A network of installed batteries can collectively act together to lessen the stress on the grid and generate ongoing income for the customer.