Solar System Options

Solar panel installation

Roof-mounted systems

Roof-mounted systems are anchored directly to your roof through a series of roof attachments, module clamps, and mounting rails. This is the most commonly installed system because for most homeowners it offers the most space-saving, sun-light absorbing solution.

Ground mounted solar

Ground-mounted systems

A traditional ground-mounted solar PV system is anchored to the ground, holding several stacked panels with two rails supporting the panels. Panels can be positioned in either landscape or portrait format.

A tracking ground-mounted solar panel system includes a motorized system that tracks the sun throughout the day, making sure your panels are always facing the sun.

Mounting FAQs

If your roof is in good condition, gets sunlight without extreme shading, and has a decent amount of space, you might be a good candidate for a roof-mounted system. Some shading can even be reduced by trimming nearby trees. Your solar panels may even offer a layer of protection from heat, UV light, rain, etc. for your roof. Not sure about your roof’s condition? Ask us and we can help.

What are the benefits?

  • Maximizing sun exposure is the most obvious goal of your system placement, and with Arizona perfectly located for loads of direct sunlight, it doesn’t matter which direction your roof faces — odds are you’ve got free sunshine to use.
  • Installing solar panels on your roof is the best way to put that empty space to work. You can effectively add a return-earning investment without taking up any valuable land space.
  • Installation costs are typically lower than a ground-mounted system, and your panels are less likely to experience damage from any ground-level accidents.

What are the drawbacks?

  • The number of panels you can install is limited by the space you have available on your roof. This would only be an issue if your energy needs require more panels than you have space for, though.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “what is the footprint of a ground-mounted solar system?”. This could range from the size of a car to the size of a football field depending on your energy needs. Most will fall closer to the size of a school bus.

If you’ve got room and you’d happy with allocating that space, you might be a good candidate for a ground-mounted system.

What are the benefits?

  • Ground-mounted systems offer a great alternative if your roof isn’t ideal for a solar panel system and you have some open land.
  • With ground mounts, we have more control over positioning and can choose angle alignment for maximum energy production. All this leads to more savings for you!
  • Ground mounts allow more air circulation under your solar panels, which helps them stay cool.
  • Maintenance is naturally easier since your system is at ground level.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Installation can be a bit more involved since we first need to build the structure (vs. having a roof structure already).
  • While you’ll be making good use of it, you need to plan 25+ years in advance how you want to use your land because once you’ve installed your system, you don’t want to move it.
Streamline Roofing

Absolutely the best company to work with! We originally started with Vivent solar and weren’t getting the customer service or quality we expected. Eli knocked on our door just a week after we had already signed with Vivent and we’re so glad he came when he did! We were able to cancel with Vivent and sign up with Streamline.

This has been the best and easiest decision ever. Eli was in contact with us through the whole procedure. Install was quick and the crew kept us informed of everything they were doing. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Airan Scott

We love our solar electric system! Streamline Solar designed our system using American made products that we could be proud to own, while suggesting new technologies that other companies did not offer us, resulting in a more efficient use of our roof space and better production from the SUN! We love our new electric bills. Go Sun Devils!

Bruce and Joan Haroldson (Goodyear, AZ)

Our experience with Streamline Solar has been very good. From the initial sales cycle, through the installation, and to the final step of getting the cellular monitoring system enabled. The salesman spent 5 hours with us on the first meeting. Who does that!

We had an unexpected slip in schedule but after explaining the importance of getting the job done this tax year the project manager figured out a way to get it done with time to spare. The installers were professional, courteous, and went out of their way to make sure that everything was working as expected before they left. They even painted the conduit to match our house color. The field project manager made a special trip to replace one of the panels that had some minor physical damage that wasn’t affecting the panel’s output. But he replaced it anyway. Although this is our first solar system I can’t imagine better service from a company. I can highly recommend Streamline Solar.

I. Space (Phoenix, AZ)

Not often do I write reviews because I’m often times so let down by businesses these days. However streamline solar has given me new hope on customer service and customer satisfaction.

From the day I met Marc at our 1st appointment he explained things in a way that you fully understand what you’re purchasing. There was no sales pressure or gimmicks or hidden facts, just an honest small company selling a great product that is saving me money . Their customer service is great and from start to finish my solar system went in without any headaches or issues! If you’re considering going solar I highly recommend streamline solar!

J. Kemper (Phoenix, AZ)

Great company to do business with. I found them through word of mouth because a few neighbors had their solar installed by Streamline. Also want to make a recommendation get Fred to come out to give you the rundown and quote. This is not a fly by night type of company. My system has been up and running for one year as of this month. Today I reached out to Fred to get some information about batteries added to my system. About a half hour later of chatting I brought up what I perceived as a issue with one of my panels under-producing. Fred is in sales and even though I decided not to buy a battery system he took the time to address my concern about one of my panels. Come to find out I have a roof vent creating a shadow on that panel. Since it was only a small percentage different than my other panels in output I see why that panel is a little lower. This is because I maxed out my roof with solar panels and not because of anything that Streamline missed. Very pleased to have chosen the right company. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Kevin W. (Buckeye, AZ)

Initially, I had my doubts about solar. But after owning my system for nearly a year, I tell everybody “going solar” is a no brainer. My system consistently produces 85% of my electric needs according to my monthly SRP bill. Some months all I have to pay is SRP’s grid connection fee!

Streamline Solar provided the financing, guided me through the tax credit and rebate process and even came out and removed and re-installed my system after last October’s massive hail storm. Think about that! My roof didn’t live through that storm but my solar panels did! Yes, I’m a believer.

Tod Haines (Mesa, AZ)